Vivan Infrastructure


Bhagwati Retreat @ Ambaji

Set at the foot of the untamed forestland of the ancient arasur hills and at the lap of ma ambaji the bhagawati retreat is an oasis of comfort convenience and luxury, absolutely unrivaled in its elegance and majesty in the whole of ambaji town and its neighborhoods.Project Detail

Bhagavati Retreate

Vivan Karma @ Satellite

The cause and effect law creates an integral part of Hindu philosophy. The word ‘Karma’ means to ‘act’. In Sanskrit, Karma means “volitional action that is undertaken deliberately or knowingly”. It is the personality of a human being with its right actions - that causes Karma.Project Detail

Vivan Karma

Vivan Natura @ Bavla

Ever dream of a weekend getaway that is near the city but far away from the maddening crowds? Some place that'd be your recovery shelter to undo the damages of the stress and hectic piece of life? No deadlines. No schedule. The opportunity to do your own thing with not a care in the world.Project Detail

Vivan Natura

Vivan Square @ Jodhpur

We are living in a world that is transforming every second and we are constantly being chalenged by the growth and innovations that are taking place arround the world in every field. To keep up and above this biggest wave of globalization, we cannot afford to compromise with the space where we are seeding our business.Project Detail

Vivan Square